Thursday, September 23, 2010

new Halloween wreath - CHECK!

I'll admit, I used to hate Halloween. That is until we had kids. Now, it's my 2nd fave holiday of the year. Last year I got a ton of awesome decor on sale, but the one thing I didn't get was a wreath, cause I just couldn't find one that wasn't cutesy or cheesy. Then, I found this wreath on a blog (sorry I don't remember who's blog).

I loved the black/white fabric and the flowers, etc that adorned it. I didn't love the monsters though, or the brighter than bright orange (muted colors are more my thing). Since I couldn't figure out what to do in place of the monsters, I kept putting it off, that is until about 3 weeks ago. I pulled out our Halloween books and inspiration hit ... all thanks to this little gem:  The Gashlycrumb Tinies by Edward Gorey

This is one of our FAVORITE Halloween books ever (and one of Ryan's fave illustrators). So, I decided to use pics of the kids in place of the monsters from the inspiration wreath. I am very pleased with the way it turned out and I can't wait to get out the rest of our Halloween decor this evening.

My wreath as of this morning (there are still a couple things to add, but I ran out of fabric) so this is it for now. I also still need to give it a hair-cut. The fabric ends are a bit long for me. But I was so excited I just had to take a picture of it.

The best news, I did this all for under $15:
1. 14" straw wreath form = $2.40 (Joann's)
2. Black/white striped fabric = $7 (Robert Kaufman fabric from Hancock's)
3. Vintage buttons = already had
4. Various random black/white fabrics for fabric flowers = $4.75 (Joann's)
5. Quilter's pins (attach all the pics/flowers) = already had
(note: you could use glue, but I wanted the freedom of changing it up over the years so I just stuck the quilter pins into the wreath form).

Not bad, not bad at all.


Jen Howick said...

you are such a clever soul... i like yours better than the first one you found!

Sugar & Spice said...

Awesome job!