Monday, September 27, 2010

All Hallows Eve

We had a fun weekend getting the house all spruced up for Halloween. After all the decorating was done we settled down to a Halloween movie & treats. What movie? Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride of course. This and The Nightmare Before Christmas are two of our favorite movies - so much so, that we watch them year round :)

Here is my shelf decor with my new wreath. Love it!
The kids had a ball burying this poor guy in the garden. They even named him Luke. The funny thing is that the next morning Ryan and I noticed that some of the bones were dug up and had fresh teeth marks in them. Bentley apparently thought they were real bones. Oh the disappointment when he realized they were just styrofoam. He hasn't bothered with them since.

The kitchen ghost that chats us up during meals. The kids made the paper chain.

The sign that Finley like to play with and hide his mini skulls in.
Our stair banister & sign over the sun-room archway.

Only one thing left to make ... I'm hoping it will be done this weekend - a spooky Halloween tree for the center of our dining room table.


Shelby said...

wow!! what a great job you have done decorating. I love the wreath and all the cute decor on the bookshelves. when can you come to my house? : )
you have a talent, for sure! : )

Emily said...

Best Halloween decorations I've ever seen! So cute!

Mama Bear said...

your decorations are adorable - especially love the Spooky letters on your fireplace... and Luke... So the final question - when are you coming to decorate my house?!?! :o)

Sugar & Spice said...


hoopesfam4 said...

So, can I just hire you to come and spruce up my house for the holiday? I haven't even thought about decorations, yet...let alone get to work on making any.

LOVE everything you've done...seriously, you are just so amazingly talented!