Tuesday, November 25, 2008

(Sigh) What a mess! (Sigh)

This is becoming a very common phrase (of exasberation) in our household. And surprisingly enough not by me, but rather Finley. He likes to say this when he sees my sewing stuff all over the house. I used to have the formal dining room (as seen in the picture below) covered in fabric, ribbon, buttons, thread, etc. And little strings would stick to everything, especially my kids who liked to sit on my lap or climb on the chair behind me as I sew. Berlin could care less, but Finley is not a fan of the strings and mess. It's pretty cute and I just chuckle when I hear the big sigh and the words that always follow. I did however, pack up and move my stuff downstairs to the basement. So now, the sweatshop (as Ryan loving refers to it) isn't the first thing people see and walk-thru when they come into the house.

But this is one of the things I've been sewing on this past week: Retro Apron Dresses. Thus far I've organized my projects for the 2 boutiques in groupings. One week it was all about wallets, the next were all the 1/2 aprons, then the scarves, followed by the artist smocks, last week were the tutus, and this week are these apron dresses. It's been good as I haven't burned out or gotten bored yet. Once these are done it's onto crayon rolls, felt barrettes, and bibs. I know, I'm crazy.

Anyway, this fabric is to die for and a BIG favorite of mine right now. It's an Amy Butler print and I just love the colors. Berlin wore hers today on all our errands and got lots of compliments so I've decided that if it's clean, she gets to wear it as it's free advertising right?


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Shelby said...


Shalyse said...

seriously the CUTEST stuff ever. I love the bibs you sent us too! you are really a talented girl!!! and that cute little model you have doesn't hurt either! :-)

Hoopesfam4 said...

Consider yourself warned - I WILL be ordering some of these for the girls...but I will wait for the craziness of your boutique prep to calm down. And, while I am thinking of it...that fabric I mentioned a while ago will be making its way up to Utah with either Ben, Val, or Em. Just didn't want you to think I'd forgotten about you. I've actually added some extra fabric into the pile...it's stuff I have had for years and will probably never use. You will make MUCH better use of it than I.