Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Princess mania

has arrived at my home. Berlin has been fully indoctrinated in all things pink and princessey! Her favorite princess is Aurora (in the pink dress of course) followed closely by Ariel & Cinderella. And she sings beauty's song (as she calls it) ALL day long. She literally wakes up singing it, walks around the house carrying her Sleeping Beauty Golden Book while singing it, sits on the potty singing it, sings it in the bath, and it's the last thing she sings to her baby doll as she lays down to bed. I would be lying if I said I hated it because I just love it!

Click here to view the video (youtube)

When she first started this a couple weeks ago all she sang over & over was, "I know you, Dance with me!" Now it's progressed to actually sound more like the actual song. Even Finley likes to get in on the action and sing with her. He's even requested that I make him a red prince charming cape & hat and he asked that Berlin get a princess pink one. Sweet? Yes, but the reason he said she needs a pink cape is so that she won't wear his (a huge ordeal in our home when this happens of course). Awww - I knew it wasn't all about brotherly love. Anyway, here they are showing off. And yes, that annoyingly loud voice that comes in 1/2 way thru is mine - I hate it, so please don't feel bad about muting it or stopping the video at that point. If I knew how to edit the sound and remove it - trust me, I would!

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Shelby said...

That's so cute! I love hearing that little girl talk and then sing. Finley is quite entertaining, too! Ellie loved watching it and we got some good smiles and laughs!

Hope you are all doing well! Happy Thanksgiving!