Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I am so mad at myself. I took our camera trick-or-treating and at some point during the night I remember dropping it on the sidewalk, and of course it's broken. Oh the sadness! I love my camera. I feel like my right arm cut off. I even went so far as to tell Ryan we couldn't carve pumpkins for FHE because I didn't have my camera to document it! I know so sad. But don't worry - Ryan made sure I knew how silly I was being.

However, I need a new camera and fast as I have to take pics of all the new cute stuff for my etsy store and to document our crazy life. So I am hoping to cut down the research time and just ask people what cameras they like/hate & why. We are just going to stick with a point & click - nothing fancy. I would love to hear what cameras you guys have, love, etc. though so please comment.

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Sara said...

Mom mom, sister Marian, and I all have the Canon Powershot. There's is a little nicer than mine. Mine is just the 4 megapixel...but the 6 or 8 megapixel is on my christmas list. These cameras are sooo user friendly and take really great pictures. We've been sooo happy with them!! Good luck!