Monday, April 28, 2008

Soccer Season

This year we signed Finley up for soccer in the 3 & 4 year old division. We knew that with the age group being so young (most leagues are 5+) it would be more for fun than anything else. Well last Monday we had our first meeting - meet the coach (our friend Kate) and to pick up the uniforms.

But tonight was their first game. Despite Finley having thrown a royal tempertantrum in getting ready for the game (his uniform top drowned him and he cried because it was too big and refused to wear it. Thank heavens for a sewing machine because only after I hemmed it 4 1/2 inches and took the sides in 3 inches, would he even consider putting it on), the end result was hilarious. There are 4 quarters of 7 minutes each. With a 2 minute break in-between with a 10 minute half-time. The first 10 minutes was supposed to be warm-up/practice for the kids. Well, for our team, it was more wake-up than warm-up as all the kids were laying on the ground, some even using the soccer balls as pillows. Apparently 6:30 is a bit late for kids who don't take naps anymore and thus fall asleep on the way over to the game. Oh well. Atleast we weren't the only parents dealing with that problem. Anyway, Ryan & I have decided to call Finn's team the Sleepy Dwarfs.

The above picture is of about 3/4th the team. Finn got to play the first 7 minutes of the game. However, this is how he spent most of it - except for the brief moment when he stood up and pulled his shirt and short up baring the belly and some super cute legs:

Then he chose to sit out on the side-lines with Berlin and I (he was grumpy dwarf for a bit). Once he shook off being grumpy he went back into the game, however, the first thing he did was find his friend Sophie (Kate's daughter) and hung out with her pretty much the rest of the game as these pictures depict:

Finley and Sophie as co-goalies in the 2nd quarter. Needless to say that the triple efforts of Ryan, Colin (Sophies dad) and myself failed as we stood behind the goal trying to get Finn and Sophie to turn around. Notice the very active game going on behind them - which they refused to turn around and watch. I think about 3 goals were scored while they were there not manning their post. Oh well. It was funny I must say.

This is Finley and Sophie chilling on field while the rest of their teammates made an effort to run the ball. Sophie was spitting water out of her mouth with Finley giggling at each squirt.

Then this is Finn & Sophie in the last quarter chilling out in the other corner. They were jumping and doing all sorts of samuri moves.

In all I think Finley actively ran for a total of 2 minutes and spent the rest of the time chilling with his buddies on the field or on the side-line with Ry and/or I. I was surprised a little bit because we've been practicing in the backyard with his little goal & soccer ball. And he did kick the ball once but then happily ran away from the action the rest of the game. I'm just happy that he seemed to have fun and that he enjoyed it. Our next game is this Saturday so we'll see what happens with an early game rather than a late one.

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