Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Little Stinker is ONE!!!

All I can say is that this past year has gone by way too fast. I can't believe my baby girl is one today. This past year has been amazing as I've been able to watch her change & grow. We had it pretty easy with Finley and I was nervous for Berlin's arrival, but in many ways she has been easier than he was, and in others a bit more difficult. She is definitely more dramatic, especially when she doesn't get her way. Overall, she's been a great little girl and I am so glad she chose our home to come to. Here are some of my favorite things about Berlin.
  1. She loves to smile (she has an amazing smile) and chat me up. She's our little gabber.

  2. She loves to snuggle with me - is there anything better than this?

  3. She ADORES her big brother to pieces (I am so grateful for this and I pray it continues as they get older.)

  4. Listening to her sing along with me at bedtime.

  5. She loves her fleece blankie with the tassels - this is her equivalent to a binkie.

  6. She loves to take baths and play in the water.

  7. She loves her dog Bentley and is always trying to get his attention.

  8. The way she lights up when she sees or hears Ryan and says, " Hi Daada"

  9. Playing Peek-a-boo with her in the mirror or under the blanket.

  10. She's a great little eater and will try anything and everything you put in front of her.

  11. The way she waves her arms and shakes her body when we have "dance time" during the day. She loves to mimic Finn's dance moves.

I could go on and on, but I'd rather just show you some of her latest pics. The other day I hear shrieking tears coming from the mudroom. I walk over to hear Finley telling Berlin, very gently and sweetly, that she can't eat the dog food cause it's for Bentley. She's screaming because he is trying to get the dog food out of her hands before it goes into her mouth. I tried to get the camera but the battery was dead, but just picture her crying in my arms as I have to fish out a couple pieces of dog food.

She is determined to make it up the stairs before I grab her and in these pictures she's shooing me away, then ignores me and keeps climbing.

Just one of the fun activities during the day - Finley pushing Berlin in her little cart/wagon. She LOVES this. Can you tell why she adores him? He is so sweet with her.

Berlin wakes up from her naps pretty happy most of the time. She usually wakes up, then gathers all the blankets into the corner and waits for me to come get her. She is so content to just sit there with them as her companion. She has yet to attempt climbing out.

Here she is playing with her cube - blanket in tow of course.

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Hoopesfam4 said...

Seriously...way...too...cute. She is absolutely adorable, and looking at these pics makes me wish (even more) that we lived closer.