Thursday, February 14, 2008

How well do you know Berlin?

Last night we had a fun party for Berlin's 1st Birthday. Thanks to a nasty blizzard that blew in around 4 pm, it was smaller than planned, but it was still very nice and we had a blast with those that braved the weather and made it. I had planned a little game but we didn't get around to it, so I thought it would be fun to post it here. I welcome all of your answers so be sure to send them my way. I think it will be fun to save the responses for her little scrapbook. And I do have a prize for the person who gets the most answers right (yes, I will mail it out to the person who wins if they don't live in UT). This is open to all grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends, beings from another planet ... whomever wants a shot at the prize! (*smile*)

As for Berlin's party, I found the cutest giant cupcake mold and used that for her cake and made lots of regular cupcakes for the kids. Lately I am in love with Pinwheels so I made some out of cute scrapbook paper and used those for decorations. I love doing this kind of stuff. Of course, Finley has already informed me that we can now start planning his birthday for April. And the theme he's chosen ... Robots! So I guess I have 2 months to figure that one out.

How Well Do You Know Berlin?

What is Berlin’s full name?
How much did Berlin weigh when she was born?
How long was Berlin when she was born?
How much does Berlin weigh today?
How tall is Berlin today?
How old was Berlin when she got her first teeth?
How many teeth does Berlin have today?
How old was Berlin when she started crawling?
What color are Berlin’s eyes?
What is Berlin’s nickname?
What were Berlin’s first words?
What is Berlin’s favorite food?
What is Berlin’s favorite toy/object?
What is Berlin’s favorite game?
Who does Berlin look the most like - Ryan or Cynthia?

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Shelby said...

She is too precious! I love her sweetness and could eat her up! The party looks so fun . . . wish we were there! xoxo