Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dear Gateway Discovery Center

aka The Children's Museum of Salt Lake City. The first 2 months of our membership have been great and we go once a week. As of Friday I feel my membership is no longer all that great. In fact it downright stinks because I now have to deal with a screaming kid who wants to see the new Seasame Street "Elmo" exhibit but can't because 1. there's an additional $4 fee to see it, and 2. he now can't go upstairs to the block room because inevitably he sees the Elmo stuff right next to it and begs to go in but can't due to reason #1. I understand that the exhibit is special and I'm sure the licensing fees are outrageous to have the exhibit there. However, the membership when I bought it covered the whole museum, now, it only covers about 60% of the museum. Does this mean that I am going to get a 40% refund on my membership price? In my mind it should. Or maybe you can deal with the screaming little boy who can't see Elmo everytime we go to the museum while I play with my other child. Honestly, I refuse to pay an additional $64 on top of my membership price ($4 each week over the next 16 weeks) to keep him from throwing a tempertantrum. Come June I will definitely be reviewing if it's worth it to renew our membership when it doesn't cover all the exhibits. If I had to do it today I wouldn't.
Despite my recent dissatisfaction, I did get some cute pictures of Berlin, who wasn't crying over the fact that she couldn't see Elmo.
Finley tuckered out on the road.

Finley using his Curious George stamps. DJ Master Finley in the house!

Berlin snuggling with Daddy
Finley pointing to the moon.
Finley checking out his heart laser & Berlin eating snow.
This Halloween costume gets worn everyday. Finley loves to pretend he's Rodney going off to Robot City to find Mr. Bigweld. He even has his little suitcase.

Finley playing with Play-doh on V-day.


AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

I have the greatest solution for your Sesame Street/Elmo dilemma...come Spring 2008 you can take a trip to San Diego and we'll get you passes to Sea World and Finn can visit the new Sesame Street children's play area that they are building there. Granted it will probably cost more than $64to come and visit us but I promise free lodging and food and entertainment for as long as you would like to stay! :) And Keegan will have some cousins to play's a win/win solution don't you think? We miss you guys...A LOT!!!

Shelby said...

They are sooo cue! I love Finley's expressions and Berlin is so dang feminine and sweet. I, also, would love to get the kids together and I just know they would love each other!