Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Over the river and thru the woods ...

to Grandmother's house we go... Ok, so no rivers or woods, just mountains and desert, but to Grandpa & Grandma Leach's house we went. We spent time with my parents in Upland and with my sister Shauna and her little family in San Diego this past week (actually, 2 weeks ago). And it was a blast. We hit the San Diego Zoo, Seaside Village and the Port in San Diego (Yummy Anthony's fish fry for lunch of course), Sea World, and 2 days at Disneyland. The kids were definitely tuckered out each night. If you ask Finley, his favorite ride would be the Buzz Lightyear Astro-blasters. However, I would say it was the Teacups. His face lit up everytime he and Ryan spun around in those dizzying teacups. It was priceless. On our second day Finley even braved the Matterhorn and told me all about the snow monsters with red eyes. Berlin was a trooper. She endured numerous trips on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, all the fantasy land rides, Buzz, and more. The only one she didn't care for was the rocket ride. My favorite was riding Thunder Mountain with my mom, Pirates of the Caribean. We all LOVED the Haunted Mansion which is redone right now for the holiday in The Nightmare Before Christmas theme. It was done so well that I think we'll only do Disneyland in the Fall so we can always enjoy it. Even It's a Small World re-opened our 2nd day in the park with all the Christmas decorations and carols added. It was beautiful all lit up at night.

These are just some fun pics of the trip. Sorry there are so many, but I have a hard time downsizing when it comes to cute photos. We had such a good time. I definitely need a vacation to recover from this vacation. And the fact that I came down with strep (again) the day after returning - and I'm still fighting a cough - is my body telling me to take a break. But with Thanksgiving tomorrow, and Christmas just around the corner, I doubt that will happen.

Finley refused to go on any ride with me (he wanted dad) so I picked him up and took him to Dumbo. Atleast he's smiling :)

Berlin and Grandpa Leach playing on the floor.

Belin tuckered out the last night in Calif.

Berlin-e-boo playing with her new Boo doll.

Finley & Ryan on the Rocket Ride.

Aunt Shauna, Keegan, Grandma Leach on Rockets.

Aunt Shauna & Keegan on Auto-topia.

Berlin, Ryan, & Finley waiting for Bugs Life 3-D (Finn did NOT love this!)

It's a Small World all lit up.

Finley manning Goofy's ship in Toon Town.

Berlin tinkling the ivories in Goofy's house.

Finley loved all the cars & trucks in Toon Town. That was about it though.

Berlin & Grandma Leach after lunch.

Baby Keegs - yes, he's almost always this happy.

This doesn't show it to true justice, but Finley was really trying to get that darn sword out.

Finley & Ryan on Dumbo.

Berlin, Finley, and I waiting for Honey I Shrunk the Audience 3-D (LAME - don't ever do it.)

Ryan an Finley braving the Matterhorn.

They Survived the Snow Monsters with red eyes.

Berlin & Keegan playing a game of remote control headbutt.

Finley and the Baluga Whale at Sea World.

Finley and the territorial polar bears.

Finley & Ryan cruising the Auto-topia highway.

Finley's highlight of the trip - meeting Buzz Lightyear in person. And all he could say was, "He has buttons!"

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