Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Let it Snow!!!

Yesterday, last night, and today it snowed. And this time, there were a couple inches that stuck to the ground. After begging all day yesterday to play in the snow and all morning today, I gave in and bundled us all up to go outside. Finley wanted to build a Buzz lightyear snowman - uh yeah, I'm not that good. The snow was extremely dry and powdery so it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. So he had to settle for a plain old midget snowman - or I guess snowgirl since Finley decided that she was a girl like mommy. Berlin loved being outside but after being in her exersaucer, she decided she wanted to try out the snow with Finley and I. It was so much fun watching Finley and Berlin in the snow. I usually hate the snow & cold, but having children definitely makes it more fun.

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Mama Bear said...

You guys got way more snow than we did. Lucky! Atleast we did get to see the deer that came right up to our house - ok, 2b more truth full - we got to see thier tracks in the little bit of snow that we did get, since we were sleeping when they came in our yard. :0) Loved the pics of B and her HUGE smiles. F's "snow mom" was pretty cute too!