Friday, November 2, 2007

Happy Halloween

Earlier in the day we carved his little pumpkin while Berlin napped. He really wanted to carve it, but didn't want to help at all - other than tell me it had to have scary eyes and that I should save the seeds to feed the birds. So he watched as I scooped, cleaned, and cut it up. Lucky for me, he liked the eyes and couldn't wait to tell Ryan that it had spooky eyes. After our pumpkin carving we had some tickling time. This is a picture of me tickling him. I love it because it shows that we laughed and had fun together - something I want him to remember, because lately I feel like I'm the mean mommy who says "no" a lot.

Our ward party is always on Halloween and after food, a parade, game booths for the kids, there is the Trunk-or-Treat in the parking lot. Finley was a bit grumpy getting there, but once he realized he would be getting candy for wearing his costume, he cheered up a bit. Here he is in the kid parade, outside getting a treat from a trunk.

After the trunk-or-treat Aunt Valerie and I walked home with Berlin & Finley (we live 1 1/2 blocks from our church luckily) to let Finn Trick-or-Treat along the way. After ringing the doorbell on a couple homes (whose porch lights were on) and not getting an answer, Finley decided it wasn't worth the effort of climbing more porch stairs to leave empty-handed. So he said no-more. Apparently he thought we were tricking him and that there weren't any treats to be had. My soapbox for the night - "Hello people, if you don't want Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween. Turn your stinkin porch light OFF!"

Once back home, Finley asked to watch the Jack Movie (The Nightmare before Christmas) and eat candy. After choosing a treat and making popcorn he settled down and watched the entire movie. Overall, I think he had a great time.

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AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

I have never seen "the Jack Movie", but I think that maybe it's time I rent it and see what it's all about, especially since I love how the Haunted Mansion is decorated like it from Oct. to Dec. at Disneyland. Finn's going to love it. Only 2 more days and we get to see you!!! I can't wait!