Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birthday Boy - the BIG 9!

Finley turned 9 this week. Our last year in single digits. Next year, he'll enter the world of pre-teen. Not sure how I feel about this, but I will get back to you tomorrow morning after I've cried myself to sleep.

I came home on my lunch break and filled his room with balloons. He didn't seem to impressed when I got home. Little Stinker! Guess that's the new phase we are entering with being 9. Oh joy! But we had a fun night none the less. We had sushi for dinner, his favorite of course. Then presents.

Playing his Zelda Ocarina (flute). Berlin doesn't look too impressed. Probably cause she was a teensy bit jealous.

And of course the Zelda video game he really wanted. Why my kids love things once they are discontinued and no longer made/saved I will never know. Ebay saved the day again.

Now that he is 9, he gets to move up to Bears (he earned his Wolf Patch a few months ago) and he can't wait to join his buddies Logan and Alex who are already Bears. Here he is with all his new gear: kerchief, Bear book, and Pack number patches (he apparently felt jipped that he didn't have these when he was a wolf and had asked for them so I saved them for this occasion).

His first set of nice scriptures. Everyone seemed surprised when I didn't get him scriptures when he was baptized at 8. The honest answer is that he never asked for them. He had is paperback BOM and DC Combo and he seemed fine with them. Turning 8 was so crazy with family in town and all the baptizm fun stuff that I kinda felt I would wait on a nice set until he really wanted them. About 4 months ago (in January) when he went up into his new Primary Class, they switched to studying the Bible. One Sunday as I was talking with him about what they learned he told me that he didn't have the bible and he didn't like not being able to read and participate with the class. He then asked for a full set of scriptures. That is what I was waiting for. He was so happy when he opened these and loves that his name is on them. Worth the wait? Yep!


I thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me such great kids. I love them so much and they bring me such joy. That's not to say that some days are hard. You need the hard days to appreciate the good. But I love this kid so much. Wish I could turn back time for a bit and enjoy them at this stage a little bit longer. 

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