Friday, April 4, 2014

A visit from Flat Stanley and a trip to Goblin Valley

Flat Stanley came all the way from California to our house for a little visit. We took him all around Utah. He went with us to the Utah Symphony where we heard all sorts of music from Harry Potter. We tried to get a picture of him with Professor Snape, but he kinda freaked out. 


Flat Stanley helped out with all our chores in taking care of the bees, collecting eggs from the chickens and feeding them, taking care of the hamsters and fish. He even helped me move the chicken pen from the field to the back of the barn. What a trooper!


out with the old, in with the new...


To reward him for all his help we took him camping down in Goblin Valley over Spring Break.



The above hoo-doo was the favorite. Pouting frog. Berlin looked like this most of the morning. Luckily, she snapped out of it and I was able to enjoy the remainder of our time down in the Valley of Goblins.

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