Thursday, August 1, 2013

Friends, Family, and Bear Lake

Ryan's family and step-family all got together for a short reunion up at Bear Lake last week. I took the kids up a few days early to hang out with some friends that were staying at their timeshare. We met up Thursday for lunch and a hike.

Then on Friday they joined us at the beach.

Ryan met up with us on Friday afternoon for the family festivities. We spent Saturday at North Beach. The cold rainy weather couldn't keep us from having fun and he was able to take the kids out on the wave-runners. 


On Sunday we took the kids on a hike up Tony Grove. The White Alpine Lake trail was 7.6 miles round-trip. By far the longest hike we've ever taken the kids on. They were awesome and survived it surprisingly well. The kids got a kick out of the couple moose who kept responding to Ryan's moose-call.


They did so great, we treated them to their own raspberry shake - No sharing this time!

Ryan had to get back to work on Monday, but I stayed up for a few more days. Ryan's sister and I took the kids to Bloomington Lake and the kids waded in and watched the fish swim by. There were tons of butterflies and the girls tried to get them onto their fingers. This huge one loved my nieces shirt and kept landing on her. It was cool.


Though it was a long and crazy week, the kids had so much fun playing with their friends and cousins, staying up late, eating way too much junk food, and hanging out at the beach.

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