Monday, August 5, 2013

Lost Creek Campground

This Summer I really wanted to make sure we took the kids camping a couple times. Earlier in the Summer we went camping up at Tanner Flats for one night and had a blast. This last weekend we met some friends up in the Uintas for a two-night camping trip. We stayed at Lost Creek campground sites #26/27. There was lots of laughter coming from our site. Sorry camping neighbors!

Berlin & I with the Timmerman's. I watched baby Millie for a few months when she was little and she is the baby sister Berlin will never have :)  We just love Millie!

Berlin, and another one of her many photoshoot poses by the pine tree.

The kids got to try their hand at fishing for the first time. There are Brook and Rainbow Trout in the lake. They loved it and can't wait to go again. Finley caught the most fish, though they were too small to keep so they tossed them back. But on his second trip he caught a bigger one and was able to bring that one back. Berlin caught the biggest, fattest fish. The other kids also caught some fish so there were about 5 in all that night that were cooked over the fire. I have to say, nothing beats fresh Rainbow Trout! It was delicious.

Finley was funny though. He couldn't wait to go fishing and get out on the raft, but he wouldn't touch the fish at all. When one of the ones he caught flopped off the hook and onto the raft he panicked (freaked out). But he loved fishing and hasn't stopped asking when we can go again.

His face in this picture says it all.

A huge thanks to our friend Brian for taking our kids out on his raft along with his own kids. He took the boys out first, then the girls.

Finn's buddy Alex and his fish. Fishing with friends is always the best!

Berlin also couldn't wait to fish. But she was adamant that no matter how many fish she caught, she would NOT eat them for dinner. So when she caught the biggest fish, I was surprised when she said she was going to eat it. And eat it she did! She wasn't grossed out after watching the fish get gutted, cleaned, and prepped for dinner. She ate it and loved it.

So proud of my kiddos for trying something new. I think it's time I dust off my fishing rod and get the tackle-box restocked.

While the girls were fishing we took the boys on a little hike around Lost Lake. When the boys went out we took the girls on a hike around Lilly Lake and Teapot Lake. Teapot Lake was so pretty. Next Summer we are going to try and camp there. It was so pretty surrounded by all the pines.

Ryan, Berlin, and I at Lilly  Lake.

Berlin and Ellie at Teapot Lake. Berlin loved the lilly pads and their bright yellow flowers floating all along the banks. The mountain in the background is Bald Mountain.

Berlin getting her pose on in front of Teapot Lake. 


There was a ton of wildlife at this campground, more than the usual birds and squirrels. We had a momma dear and her baby walk through our campsite every night right around 7 pm. It was so fun to see them, especially the spotted baby. Ryan was ambushed by a couple woodpeckers with sharp beaks. And the kids got to see an Osprey diving for fish on the lake. Berlin loved seeing their nests in the tippy-top of the trees (below).

This is our last camping trip of the Summer, but I can't wait to go again next year.

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