Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Independence Day Celebrations 2013

July 3rd was the big firework night for us. Ryan and Finley went to the RSL soccer game and were treated to a great firework show there. Berlin and I tagged along with our neighbor to the firework show at the old Granite High School. It was a great show and so fun to hang out, eat treats, and people watch!

This little one does not like the sound of fireworks, or the camera flash in her eyes. Can you tell?


We were planning on going up to the cabin for July 4th, but since we had just gotten home from there 3 days earlier, we didn't feel like making the 2 1/2 hr drive again. Instead, we booked a room at the Westgate Resort and headed up to Park City for a quick stay-cation. 

It goes without saying, we LOVE Park City. We try to do a staycation up there each summer with the kids. This was the first time that we have stayed at the Westgate Resort. We found a great price online (3 nights/4 days for $99 total). The only catch was having to sit through a lame 90-120 minute timeshare presentation. We thought, sure, what the heck. However, after sitting through that presentation we aren't so sure. It was 3 HOURS long! And they couldn't take no for an answer. But luckily we got out without caving. That said, the resort was really nice and we had a lovely time once we upgraded our room. 

Here we are waiting for the fireworks to begin. We just drove up the main road and parked at one of the trail lots.

This little stinker has turned into a photo bomber. She loves to sit all cute and perfect, then BAM, she does this... 

Riding the gondola at the Canyons to start our day of hiking. Lots of places to explore on foot and on bike. 


The kids were really great for the first hike. The second hike, they let us know they were tired and hot, but we kept going. However, the second hike was muddy and fairly steep so after going for a while, and dealing with a couple kid slips/falls, Ryan offered to stay back with the kids and wait while I kept going. It was nice to hike for a bit in peace and quiet. After catching up with them on the run back down we headed home for lunch, a shopping trip to the outlets, then back to the pool.

The kids favorite part about the resort was the pool. They would have spent the whole day there if it was up to them.

One night we tried to do dinner and a movie with the kids. We tried to see Monsters U or Despicable Me 2, however, all the times were sold out (that's apparently what everyone does when it's raining on a Friday night over a holiday weekend in Park City). So it ended up just being dinner out on the town. We ate at Nick's Cafe. Home to the apparently famous Japadawgs (Japanese hot dogs). Though the rest of our food was mediocre, Ryan loved his Japadawg.

Staycations are the best. It's always hard to get back to real life after a nice trip. Hope we can survive until our next vacation!

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