Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finley's Baptism

This past weekend Finley was baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a very important and very special day in our home. Everyone from my family was able to come up - a feat in and of itself! And we had most of Ryan's family there to support Finley. It was so touching to see all the people in one room together. I hope Finley knows how much he is loved.   With boys, baptism is a bit different. Girls get the pretty white dresses and do their hair all fancy. Ryan and I aren't big on suits on younger boys, so we didn't want to invest in one yet. We figure YM's is soon enough for that. We are much more casual. So I bought him a new white button down Guayabera Shirt (those sweet Mexican cotton shirts), some khakis, and of course, leather flip-flops. That is just how we roll folks. I even trimmed his hair a bit the night before. He looked so sharp and handsome - in a beach bum way :)

Here they are before the baptism:

Berlin was especially sweet and wanted to be by his side the entire time - at least until the girl cousins showed up. She insisted on having a picture with just the two of them. She really looks up to him. She kinda struggled with all the attention Finley had been getting (she wouldn't admit it, but her attitude proved it). So I bought her a special dress for the day as well. I think it helped a little bit.

Here they are in their white baptismal clothes.

Ryan baptized Finley and Oliver (Ryan's brother) and my father, served as the witnesses. Next was the confirmation blessing. Ryan was awake all night, stressing a bit over it. He baptized lots of people of him mission, but it's a little different when it is your own child. It was so sweet to see how tender and emotional Ryan was during the baptism and the confirmation. I really married a great man and the kids are so lucky to have him as their father. I am so grateful that he has always honored his priesthood and is worthy to perform these sacred ordinances.

While we waited for Ryan and Finley to get dry clothes on, we had everyone write down their testimony, thoughts, or feelings on paper. These were collected and put into this journal. Hopefully, as he reads through them now (and down the road), they will be a source of comfort and inspiration to him.

The Baptism Sack he will get during FHE next week. Our lesson will be "I'm Baptized! Now what?" Inside the bag are various treats, each with a little quote or saying to remind him of the promises he made on his Baptism day (keep the commandments, be honest, pay tithing, pray constantly, read the scriptures, etc.)   Click the images below to save the stuff I used.
The poem isn't mine (found it somewhere online), but I made up the tags. 


After the confirmation I asked everyone to gather for a picture. I want Finley to always have a visual of how many people came out to show their love for him that day. It is just a small representation of all the family and friends who pray for him and love him and support him. And not just here on earth, but in Heaven as well. I know that Ryan's parents were smiling down on him and that their love added to the spirit present in the room.

Finley and two of his best buddies. Love that he has such great friends in our ward and neighborhood. 

After the baptism we had our families over for a luncheon of pulled pork sandwiches, chips, coleslaw, fruit & veggies. This is one of Finley's favorite meals (any meal with meat is a fave of his). We put together a cute wall display of pics of him over the past 8 years of his life. So fun to walk down memory lane. 

It was such a wonderful day and a huge thanks to everyone who made it possible!


amber said...

this is lovely! what a special day for finley! i just went to my sister & my niece's baptisms last night & made up a bag of treats for my niece using your tags. :) thank you for sharing! also, your daughter's dress is beautiful! i'd love to know where you found it!

Patricia Allen said...

Thank you for sharing your Wonderful creation.. Our grandson offs going to love it...