Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cousin Time!

My family came up for Finley's Baptism and my sister Emily's graduation from BYU. This meant LOTS of cousin time for the kids. One day we took them to This is the Place Heritage Park to see all the baby animals. It was so much fun. Wish we could have this much cousin time ALL the time!

Berlin and the DBC (Durfee Boys Club) riding the train.

Unlikely friends. These two kept grunting and squawking with each other in a sing-song fashion. 
It was hilarious.


 Finley was at school when we were at the park and he was pretty bummed. But he was able to get a little animal time the next day at my friends house. Their daughter just got 2 bunnies for her birthday. This is Copper. Needless to say, bunnies may be in our future.

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