Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Morning 2012

We had a lovely Christmas Eve with Ryan's family down in Orem. Berlin played Jolly Old Saint Nicholas on the piano (Finley taught her to play this) and Finley, well, he did nothing because he left his piano book at home on the shoe bench. Oh well. There is always next year. I figure that we will have him play the songs at Grandma Lynne's house during January's FHE spaghetti night.

We got home around 11 and honestly, it didn't take long to put the presents house, but my sister Valerie came over and we stayed up late talking. I love nights like that. We finally dragged ourselves to bed at like 2am. Berlin woke up at 5 am, Finley about 6 am. They weren't allowed to wake us up until 7 am so they just sat and stared at the tree until then. Right at 7 they ran in and got us and the fun began. The kids were nervous because our tree elves didn't take their wish list to Santa until Dec 23rd. They must not have liked their attitude or something. So we didn't know if Santa would have enough time to get them some things they wanted. Boy, they sure lucked out because Santa was generous this year.

Here was Berlin's wish list:

She got a koala stuffed animal, a beta fish and bowl, a hula hoop, lots of legos, and a sleeping bag.  She loved everything - especially the fish. When she came in at 5 am she was screaming, "I got a fish, I got a fish! .... and it's black!"  Of course, she was a bit bummed about not getting a hamster, but she will just have to wait for her birthday in February for that surprise :)

Here was Finley's wish list:

He got the Lego pirate ship, Batman 2 Lego video game, Lego Ninjago fighters, and a sleeping bag. Sorry, no real sword & shield, cell phone, or iTouch this year my friend. But Finley loved everything, well, not everything. Santa had brought him a special present (a used ipod nano 4th gen found on ebay), but after Finn's response to the sleeping bag gift (he said, "Hmm... this sucks!") I went and pulled it from under the tree and will save it for his birthday. That is if he can learn to be more considerate towards all of Mrs. Clause's gift buying efforts. Sheesh

Santa was so nice to Ryan and I too. Ryan got a Soccer Jersey, some new video games, etc. I got a new purse or two...ok, 3 new purses, but hey, who's counting. A girl needs a few new handbags to stay happy right? Oh and a new pair of puma slip-ons.

Here is the tree and stockings the night before, and the morning of.


Meet Max Fischer - her new dark purple beta. He is pretty cool. 

Finley was even a bit jealous and before we woke up he wrote a note that said, "This is for the Birth Family. Love, Santa"  Berlin was having none of that because she knew that he wrote that note since it wasn't there when she got up at 5. It was really cute.

Overall, it was a fun holiday. Life is good. I love Christmas with my little family.

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