Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine Pouch tutorial


My kids have been counting down the days to February for a couple reasons ...
 one: Berlin's birthday is this month (yikes! she's going to be 5!)
two: it's the beginning of our 14 Days of Valentines tradition. 

Each year the kids put out their Valentine Heart and when they get home from school they eagerly check to see what little treat awaits. My mom used to leave candy on our pillows before Valentines Day and I wanted to do something similar with my kids.

Our cute little setup - all ready to go!

Want to make your own little heart pouch? For each one you'll need 2 pieces of heavy cardstock paper (my paper was 12" x 12"), some scrap ribbon (atleast 2 pieces 12" long each), and a stapler.

Fold the paper in half and draw half a heart on the wrong side of one of them. Cut both papers at the same time (so they are the same size hearts).


Fold the hearts in half - pattern side showing.


The folded centers will be the sides of your pouch. Make and form a heart by connecting the bottom point and folding one paper over the other.


Open the pouch and staple down each side of the heart.


Finally, take your two ribbons and tie one end together in a knot. Then take one strand and staple to the left side; then take the other and staple to the right side.

Wah-la! Cute little Valentine pouches. I like ours simple, but feel free to embellish the hearts with stickers, buttons, monograms, glitter, etc.

Hang from hooks, a bed, a doorknob, a chair, or make tiny ones to hang from branches/stems in a vase. So many options! (note: if your child is prone to slamming doors when angry or throwing temper-tantrums, doorknobs may NOT be the best place to hang them. Not that I would know *smile*)

Need ideas on what to put inside? 
Here's what we are doing this year. 
With each treat they get a little note with 1 thing I love about them:

little debbie heart cakes
chocolate crispy hearts
Coloring book (dollar store)
gobstopper heartbreakers
conversation hearts
new toothbrushes (dollar store)
Valentine pj pants I made for each of them
Valentine plates (target dollar bin)
Gummy Valentine candy
Valentine silverware (target dollar bin)
Heart suckers
Felt sushi for their play kitchen (target dollar bin)
Cherry sour balls
stuffed animal (the last day (14th) they get a nicer gift)

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