Saturday, February 18, 2012

The JOY of being Five

Berlin's big day came and went and now my little whippersnapper is officially FIVE! Crazy. She told me the day of her birthday over lunch that she didn't feel any different at 5 than she did at 4 ... She wasn't taller, or in a higher grade at school, or bigger than Finley. Her list went on. As a mother however, I notice so many changes and they seem to have happened overnight. Like how 5 apparently means 14. All of sudden it seems like she wants to watch teeny bop movies, listen to teeny bop music, dance like a rock-star all night long (literally, all night long), wears very bright & shiny makeup just like a hip teenager. Yep, she's no longer my Itty Bitty Boo, she's now my Tiny Teeny Bopper! 

Anyway, we had LOTS to celebrate cause turning 5 is a big deal in our house. We celebrated with just our little family the night before due to conflicts with Ryan's family FHE gathering and Valentine's Day. She woke up to a new birthday dress for church and after surviving the next 3 hours of being reverent, she came home to presents!

In her new dress...

Opening her presents under the watchful eye of a loving brother...


Some Just Dance Summer Party, Hello Kitty Stump Village (the best Hello Kitty dvd's out there!) and some fun makeup.

Hello Kitty Mega Bloks (wanna-be Legos perfect for little girls).  

A Hello Kitty Sewing Machine! She was very excited for this and wanted to sew a bag for her friend Abby right then and there.


And don't mind this crazy kid wearing part of his Link Halloween costume ... Ryan put the present bows & ribbons on his head and he went a little cuckoo. Looks like he's warming up for some Just Dance Summer Party!

Modeling her new Rapunzel Dress that Grandma Leach so lovingly made. It's gorgeous and just puts all those cheap store dress-ups to shame. We are so lucky to have such a talented Grandma!


I love Finley's head peaking out behind her. He kept doing the cuckoo bird thing and wouldn't stay out of the pictures. Silly Goose!

And to wrap-up the night we headed downstairs for some Just Dance Summer Party FUN!

On her actual birthday we took her out to dinner with her Aunt Val, Uncle Ben & Aunt Karen. She chose Five Guys for her feast. Then we headed over to Grandma Lynne's for FHE night & dessert with Ryan's family. I made these fun treats to take along. Dark Chocolate Mint cake pops. They were such a big hit with all the kids and super YUMMY! I used the basic recipe here.
(but with chocolate cake, 1 1/2 cups homemade cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate mint wafers (Wilton) and fun sprinkles.)

This is Berlin in the hot-seat listening to all the things that our extended family loves about her.

All 5 February birthdays on Ryan's side. 

This weekend is her big friend party! She is so excited to have all her Preschool and Primary friends over. She helped me start making these beauties in preparation for it. Can you guess what they will be? Hint

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hoopesfam4 said...

Happy, happy belated birthday to Miss B!! We love you and miss you and wish we could have been up there to help celebrate! XOXO from Aiden, Reilly, MacKenzie, me and Uncle Doug