Monday, January 2, 2012

Wedding Celebration

I had the opportunity to go to California for my little sister's wedding in the Los Angeles Temple last week. These are some of their engagement pictures. 


First, the sealing & reception were lovely and it was great to see my family even if it was only for 2 1/2 days. I love the LA Temple. They were the first wedding of the day so we had the grounds pretty much to ourselves, which was nice.

The cute cousins having a snack while waiting for the new couple to come outside.

Ryan and the kids didn't come down with me. It just wasn't feasible with our big trip overseas a few months ago.  But it did allow me to spend more time behind the scenes helping out, prepping food, setting up, cleaning up, etc. Which I wouldn't have been able to do as freely if the kids had been there. Luckily they are having an open house in Mapleton, UT later this month so the kiddos will get to see the happy bride in her pretty dress (Berlin specifically cannot wait!).

Second, the weather was AMAZING! Oh how I miss California Winters where it's sunny and warm at 75 degrees. I loved being able to go for a run around town without having to put on a gazillion layers. It really made me realize how much I dislike Utah Winters and the cold and snow. Winter is definitely my least favorite season and I could happily do without it.

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