Thursday, January 5, 2012

School Christmas Programs

With having been sick, I am very behind on some posts. I am going to be catching up over the next few days....

Both Finley and Berlin had Christmas programs this year. Of course, they  had to be on the same day and so I had to rush from one to get to the other.

First up, we had Berlin's Polar Express Pajama Party. All the kids got to wear their warm winter pajamas as they sang Christmas Songs, danced, and shared their holiday traditions with each other. I made Berlin a new nightgown for the event which she loved. Her tradition that she talked about was decorating our annual gingerbread houses. She was so happy to show the one she had made a few days before. It was such a cute program. She has the BEST preschool teachers ever. 

 Here she is with her dancing partner. They were so cute.

This was her favorite dance. I have it on video, but it's too long for the blog, so this will have to do. They got to dance around in a circle with the princess dolls. 

Waiting patiently for her turn. She was wiggly the whole time and for whatever reason refused to look at me. She was very focused on looking at her teachers. Silly girl.

As soon as she was done I rushed off to Finley's school where his class sang a couple songs in the gym. Here is the only photo I got. Sorry, I was pretty far back so the lighting was bad - hence all the possessed reindeer eyes! :)

I love all the school programs that holidays bring. I remember doing them as a kid and it makes me smile just watching them put on a show.

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