Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Decor 2011

I've had a couple friends ask to see how I decorated the house for Christmas this year. It's usually the same every year, just organized a bit differently. The decorating always takes me about 3 days to get all of Ryan's German heirlooms unwrapped and dusted. Honestly, it's surprises me every year how exhausting it can be. But the results are totally worth it!

This sofa table always looks like this. I just change out the decor in the moss with each holiday. For Christmas I love creating scenes with my tiny Putz houses and antique glass deer. 

Our formal dining room table. This little setup was new this year. I love the little vintage post-card I found in 2010 on ebay. It's used, but surprise, surprise ... it's from Germany. The kids just remind me of Finley and Berlin.

Formal dining room bookshelf (not shown are some milk glass cake stands that I leave out year round). 

On the shelves is our collection of German smokers, candle pyramids, and wood carved objects. On top are my apothecary jars filled with ornaments. The bottom 2 shelves are for the kids to play with the playmobil nativity sets.

My little wooden village and some of Ryan's nutcrackers.

The two shelves on the sides of our armoire.

The little nutcracker horse is new this year and purchased in the town where Ryan's mom grew up.

So, that's how our house looked up until week ago. After coming back from California, I took everything down and cleaned, cleaned, cleaned. Nothing like a fresh, uncluttered house for the new year!

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