Sunday, September 4, 2011

Little Dare-devils

I was a timid kid when it came to trying new things. I learned to ride my bike without training wheels later than most, hated ice-skating, avoided being bumped in bumper cars, the high-dive at swimming lessons made me want to puke, I steered clear of any and all trampolines, and I always drove slow on the go-karts. I never wanted to get hurt.

I am sure I surprised more than a few people when I went sky-diving with a couple co-workers from Novell (back in the day), free-falling 12,000 feet from a plane. It was a blast. And since then I've zip-lined in mountains and para-sailed in Hawaii. I even tried wake-boarding for the first time in my life 2 weeks ago ... and got up! Somewhere inside is a person who loves new adventures.

Needless to say, my kids are pretty timid too when it comes to being adventurous. Berlin doesn't love trampolines, Finley doesn't climb trees like a monkey. They both get a bit nervous/afraid on the Alpine Slides in Park City. Berlin still can't reach the pedals on her bicycle (and she could care less about riding it), and Finley refuses to let me take the training wheels off for fear of tipping. They come by it naturally I suppose.

But, today it became evident that they too have a little dare-devil inside just waiting to get out. This is how they spent the afternoon today...

Sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag...


Yes, cautious me ignored my initial gut response of, "What the heck are you doing? You are going to get hurt! Stop!" Instead I let them continue on, fetching my camera, and asking Ryan to grab the crib mattress from the storage room. After-all, kids need to be kids, and the least I can do is make it a little bit safer. 

By the end of the day they went from sliding down to jumping down....schooled by Ryan, who (of course) did the exact same thing when he was a kid, down the exact same staircase. After all is said and done, without injury or harm, I must admit I am pretty darn proud of my dare-devils. I say this being that no injury was incurred by either child. I am sure I would feel very different if it had been otherwise.

Finley was jumping from the top step all the way down to the bottom.

Berlin started on the 3rd step and got up to the 4th step. She was the most timid of all.



Jen Howick said...

I'm not sure but they may have gotten the sliding down the stairs in the sleeping bag from my house. That is one of my kids fav things to do and they love to show it to their friends when they come over. OR maybe it's just a kid thing and all kids think of it on their own and think it's FAB!!!!

hoopesfam4 said...

Love seeing this...I remember doing this down the stairs of the Palm House. It was always a blast and never lasted long enough...we usually got in trouble for it ;)

So glad your cute little kiddos are getting in touch with their inner dare-devils.