Friday, May 13, 2011

We had a birthday

last month actually. Fin turned the BIG 6 last month. Because of all the rain and snow we were still getting in April, we convinced him it would be ok to have his friend party the end of May/early June. So for now, all I have to share are the pics from our small family party.

Our tradition is that the birthday boy/girl gets to choose where we go out to dinner. Finley in the past has always chosen Spaghetti Factory. But this year, he branched out and chose Five Guys. He loves their cheeseburgers. After dinner we came home, had cupcakes and opened presents.

He got a white owl (he wanted one like Harry Potter's owl). A real watch (lego storm trooper style), one of the Star Wars prequels, Hagrid's Hut lego set, an edible chemistry set, a new leapster game, and a Lego book.

I would say he got everything his heart desired, but he didn't. He really REALLY wanted a DS game system, but I am that "mean mom" and had prepared him for the fact that he wouldn't be getting one. Atleast not until he is 8.  I firmly believe that too many kids have too many electronic gadgets at WAY too young of an age (that's a topic for another day). So, until he's older, he'll have to live with his leapster. But other than that, I think he was pretty happy.

Next up ... planning his friend party ... a Harry Potter one! Yay!

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hoopesfam4 said...

Happy belated birthday, Finley!!

Looks like he had a great day!! The girls have been talking non-stop about Finn, their now 6-year old cousin, ever since we came back from Utah...they keep asking when we get to go back up.