Monday, May 9, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

I don't particularly like Mondays and right now, I am a little tired of the rain. But thanks to a quick trip to the library to pick up a few books that I had requested that came in, today actually turned out to be a pretty good wet & rainy Monday ... full of reading, cleaning & blog updating. 

Mother's Day was great. The kids got me some tulips and a bunch of peonies (my favorite flower). 

Ryan took over all the cooking and made a fabulous dinner and dessert for me & the kids. He is a great chef. It all turned out perfect...even the homemade wheat pizza crusts cooked over the fire. Yeah - amazing.

Prosciutto Arrugula pizza
Watermelon Feta salad (was a little nervous about this but it was SOOOO good & fresh!)
Lemon zest mini-cheesecakes with fresh strawberries for dessert

The kids also filled out Mother's Day questions in primary and gave them to us with bags of chocolate (no surprise to me since I assembled all of them the week prior). It's so fun to read the answers and to see how much the do or don't know about you. 

Here are the questions they answered along with their answers (along with my own answers):
My mom's job is:
Boo ...{blank}
Me...depends on the day :)  task-master, trainer, maid, gardener, referee, taxi-driver, dish-washer, short-order cook ... but mostly care-taker, nurturer, teacher, and comforter to my kids. 

My mom's favorite food is:
M ....sushi & seafood

My mom's favorite color is:
M....I don't have just one. I have a few: mustard yellow, robin egg blue, beach glass green, moss green, and citron green (very specific I am)

My mom is ___ feet tall:
F....300 ft
B....5 1/2 ft
M....5 ft 4in

My mom's talent/hobby is:
B....washing dishes & biking
M....sewing/crafts, reading, being outside (gardening, hiking are my favorite)

My mom was born in:
F....May 3rd
B....May was supposed to be the state, next time I will have to be more specific on the question. California

My favorite thing about my mom is:
F....I love her
B....She loves me

My mom's favorite movie is:
F....not Star Wars
B....Mom movies (this is what we call movies that the kids can't watch)
M....500 days of Summer and About a Boy are at the top

My mom is ____ years old.

My mom is good at:
F....planting flowers
B....washing dishes
M...apparently I wash dishes a lot according to Berlin :)

I love my mom because:
F....she gives me hugs
B....she gives me flowers

Needless to say, I love my kids and I think they are pretty freakin' awesome. They have made motherhood so rewarding for me. I can't imagine being mom to anyone else. I am eternally grateful that they were sent to Ryan and I.

I have one more thing for mother's day, but due to all the rain, it had to be will come hopefully later this week!

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