Friday, May 20, 2011

Odds & Ends of May

It's the end of the month and lots of random pictures to be found on the camera ...

I love Spring in Utah. This year, we've had like 7 days of warm Spring sunshine. Literally. The news last night said that out of the last 50 days, 32 have been wet & rainy, the others cold, windy, and overcast. Nice - or not so nice. It seems that every year we get less and less of my two favorite seasons: Spring & Fall. Winter and Summer are pretty much it in this state. But, I will say, that the few days of sunny Spring were put to good use. We spent a lot of time out doors planting some of our container garden, going on adventures in our field, watching the bees flit from flower to flower gathering pollen, and playing at the park.

Here's some random pics of the kids and their field adventures & bee watching. Springtime is when I really love this house & property. The field blooms color, green grasses, all sorts of pretty flowers, and the trees are stunning with their petals. Once Summer hits, the field dries up and my love lessens, but only a tiny bit. 

Below are pics of Finley jumpin' for joy ... not sure about what, but it was really cute. Berlin would have jumped but her arms were full of her favorite dolls: Pounce the black cat and Lily Bunny.

I also love my kiddo's. They are so cute with each other most of the time. Finley is great at making up games and Berlin loves to be included and tag along. I have truly been blessed with them.

Here's some pics of a few of the herbs & veggies the kids helped me to plant.

Here's Berlin just being silly after picking flowers from the field.

With all the rain we've had to find things to do indoors. One day we made bird feeders out of pine cones.

Another day we played with the edible chemistry set Finley got for his birthday. We made our own flavored sodas.


 By the look on her face, you can guess how it tasted ... yuck! Thank heavens we don't have to make our own soda!

These pics are from around Easter. Berlin is decorating cookies. She's so stinkin' cute.

Berlin going stir crazy one morning. She is my little ham.

And lastly, a random picture of Berlin at the Rosecrest Carnival. This one shows how many dots were on her hair. And even after a couple baths, we are still finding hair paint on her scalp.

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