Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wreath Re-fashion

So, this is the wreath that's been hanging on our front door for the past 2 years. It' was pretty hammered and F.I.L.T.H.Y, so I finally took it off and brought it inside. But, the pack-rat in me couldn't just throw it away. After much thought, and some inspiration from this blog I kinda knew the direction I wanted to go.

So, I unwired all the berries, stars, and greenery, leaving me with just the twig wreath. It was so dirty from being hung outside that I had to rinse it off in the kitchen sink and let it dry out again.


I wanted to use felt because I love it so, but I didn't have enough to do the whole wreath, and cheap-o me decided I didn't want to spend a dime on this project. So I just used some cream fleece that has been sitting in my sewing closet forever. The fleece made for larger, softer flowers, which I guess it worked out in the end. I still want to try one with smaller felt flowers, more like the inspiration picture though.

Other than the fact that it took forever to cut, wrap, and glue the gazillion flowers onto the wreath, this is my kind of project: easy & super cheap (FREE!!!).

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hoopesfam4 said...

Such a fabulous wreath re-do!! I can only imagine how long it must have taken to make the flowers...but I have to say, I LOVE the end result!!

You're amazing!!