Monday, October 11, 2010

Pajama Bottom Re-fashion

I have a TON of re-fashion projects sitting in a basket downstairs. They always take the back seat to other things though, but last week, with all the rain and being sick, I finally tackled one of them.

Started with this ....

I love the fabric on this pair of pj bottoms, but for whatever reason the crotch kept getting a hole in it. So I cut the legs off (after I measured his arms to make sure I cut the right length), then sewed them into the sleeves in one of Finn's black tees, made a cassette tape appliqué from scrap felt/buttons, and wah-lah. This is what we got. 

Ended up with this ....
(don't mind the wet sleeves, he had just washed his hands.)

I'm pretty happy with it, and he LOVES the shirt and keeps asking me to do more. Guess I don't sew enough for him. It's just harder with boys.

And this little one just wanted to be a part of the action and is modeling her cute princess sticker that she got to pick out after getting her flu shot that afternoon. 

Next up ... wreath re-fashion


Our Family of 5 said... is much harder to make stuff for boys. That's an awesome idea though. Hunter will probably be the only one to benefit from it, but it's pretty cool! :)

hoopesfam4 said...

Sew cute...cheesy pun intended. Just so you know, I live vicariously through your amazing sewing skills.

hoopesfam4 said...
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