Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Elite Dance Studio Fundraiser

Berlin & Finley take classes at a nearby dance studio. Berlin takes a tumbling class along with a ballet/tap combo class just for 2 1/2 year olds. It's really the funniest thing ever. Finley is in the tumbling for 3-5 year olds (he's been doing this for a while now, while Berlin just started). Any hoo - the studio has been asked to perform & be filmed in the Disneyland Holiday Spectacular this November. My kids will not be going as you have to be 6 years of age to participate, but the studio is doing some fundraising for the event to help with travel expenses, costumes, etc. Below are the 3 fundraiser options they are pushing. If interested in any of them, contact me and I will email you the brochures/order forms.

1. Scentsy wickless candle warmers (click here to view product line)
2. Lehi Roller Mills select dry goods (mixes: pancake, waffle, cookie, brownies, etc) (click here)
3. Salt City Candles gourmet candles (click here)

The fundraising runs from today thru October 22nd.

Now for the good part, how cute is this little ballerina?


Jen Howick said...

she is adorable!! cute girl!

Sara said...

Thank you, Cynthia!

valerie said...

disgusting how cute they are.
and the pumpkins they made are adorable. i didn't tell you when i was over the other night, but really - i don't think i could make them as cute at 25 years, let alone 4 and 2.
how can my future children ever compete.
but i still love you.