Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Catching Up

I'm looking at pictures from a few weeks ago thinking where the heck have my days gone? So, here's a small attempt at reliving the past month.

2. Apple Picking. We have 2 golden delicious apple trees in our back field (not to mention the apricot & cherry tree). These apple trees are large (too large) and produce not only a gazillion apples, but a gazillion little apples. And of course they've started to fall. Luckily, I have the best apple-pickers in town. Gotta love the boots :)

2. Teacher's Pet. Finley started preschool again. He is going to the same one as last year and he seems to like it. He helped pick out his outfit for the first day - inspired by Han Solo of course. How could this freakin' cute kid NOT be the teacher's pet?

3. Tis' the season ... to get sick. We closed the cabin this past weekend and it was freezing cold. So cold in fact that we only survived one night before deciding to come home a day early. Thank heavens we did as Berlin got sick that morning and is presently without voice. It's so sad, yet so cute when she tries to talk. Hopefully she'll start feeling better soon.

4. Halloween. I hated Halloween growing up. But something kicked in a few years ago - right around Finley's first Halloween and I have to say it's quickly climbed the charts to claim the 2nd favorite holiday spot - only after Christmas of course. I still hate dressing up, but I love seeing the kids in costumes, making Halloween crafts & decorations, whipping up spooky treats, and decorating the house. During General Conference we all made jack-o-lanterns. They turned out so cute.


Emily said...

So I've gotta ask, how did you use up all those apples, peaches, etc???

Shelby said...

So cute! Looks like you are having all kids of Fall Fun!! Miss you.