Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring into ... SAVINGS!!!

One thing that I LOVE about Spring (besides the AMAZING weather we are having) are the sales going on. Here are two of the best deals that I've partaken of (gone overboard might be another term) thus far:

1. Land of Nod Cube Storage (from Downeast Home - of course)
My friend Mel went to down east and found these for $75 each. When I went to go get some they were marked down again to $50 each. So I stocked up and bought 16 - yes 16 (Ryan's already commented on this) individual pieces (8 base bins, 5 bookcases, and 3 lockers). I have finally finished putting all but 4 of them together (those will go in the basement entry once we get that cleaned out/up). Here's the final look. I am still decorating them and re-arranging things so it's kinda a work in progress. All the blisters on my right thumb, pointer finger, and palm have all been worth it! My sis S. even bought some for their entry ... here's a preview of how they'll look :)

2. Puddle Jumpers Spring Warehouse Sale

My friend Liz fwd'd me an email about this sale. I'd never even heard of these shoes until I met her and saw her two little girls wearing them at church. They are so precious. I went the first day of the sale (yesterday) and got a couple pairs for Berlin for $8 each (they are normally $40). One of the pink pairs goes PERFECT with her little Easter Dress from her Auntie S. So this morning the kids wanted to go to the park and I thought, you know, I'm going to go check out what's left and see if anything got marked down lower. Then we'll go to the park. Boy was I rewarded. The little girl shoes that I liked were marked down to $5! So what the heck. I picked up a few more pairs so she's stocked now for the next 2 years (size 4-7). 

She wore her new orange ones today and she wouldn't take them off for her nap. Good to know that she loves them too! I would have gone into the big girl sizes, but those were still at $20? So I just got the bargain ones. 

I did learn a lesson at this sale: Don't got the first day. Why? 1. Prices are higher the first day 2. Nightmare crowds. Screaming, snotty nosed kids, gigantic strollers that took up any spare walking/standing room, and 
annoying UT moms (yes, I know I am a mom in UT, but I am not a UT mom). One lady approached me as I stood in the checkout line and asked if I would give her one of the pairs of shoes I had in my hand because she really needed that size ... ummm, no! Too bad for you sucka!


Sugar & Spice said...

LOVE them! My fav's are the red with polka dots and the orange with the cut outs! great find!

Sugar & Spice said...

OK- you told me you only got 8 pieces total!!! :-) They look fantastic! where are the other 4 going to go? the mudroom that is downstairs?
Definitely worth the sore hands! :-)

valerie said...

haha...serves the sucka right...
like she would have given up a pair of shoes if the situation was reversed :)

Celeste said...

Oh my gosh -I can NOT believe that lady would ask you if she could have the pair you were holding...what the hell did she think you were holding them for...!? DUH!!!! WOW --

I L.O.V.E your new cube storage!! That is sooo perfect there. Now I want some....