Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Belated Bday

It's not today, not tomorrow, nor was it yesterday. It was actually the day we drove back from California to Utah with sick kids. What a fun day to spend a bday right? I'm a bad wife I know. Thus, I'm just putting my shout out to Ryan since I missed his Birthday Roast (Hot Seat) at his family FHE. As Berlin and I were both sick, Ryan took Fin and us gals stayed home. I hate the hot seat personally, but since I had to endure it on my bday, so shall he ... 

Ryan ...

1. is an amazing dad. He has always been willing to change diapers, give baths, babysit, cook, clean, etc. from day one. I count this as an amazing blessing because some dad's I know don't do these things at all (atleast not happily). He is always happy with a night in, watching movies, playing board games, going on walks, or reading books with the kids. He's very good at stepping in and dealing with tempertantrums when I've had it. And he reminds the kids to be kind and treat me with respect.

2. is pretty patient with me. Not always, but more so than I am sure most people would be. He puts up with my attitude, selfish tendencies, and lack of self-esteem and I'm grateful for it. He also knows how to calm me down when I tend to over-react and he's my voice of reason. He reminds me that it's ok to laugh at myself and not to take things personally (I need this reminder often). He's also patient with my hobbies, sewing, scrapbooking, crafting, etc.

3. is very supportive of my need/desire to lose weight. He let me buy a super nice and expensive elliptical (which I love) when most hubbies would have said, "No way JOSE!"

4. is a great artist. I love that he doodles for the kids. One of these days we'll get some of his artwork framed and on the walls. 

5. has great style. I loved it from day one and I still love it now. I also love his taste of music which is a big part of his style (atleast I think so). He supplies me with fun music & video clips to brighten my day.

6. is a fabulous husband who plans fun things for us as a couple: a trip to chicago for our upcoming anniversary (yippee!), date nights at Sundance Film fest, tickets to Flight of the Chonchords in May, season tickets to Real Salt Lake soccer games, fun movie nights, and more. He's just fun to be around - even if it's just playing guitar hero, the Wii, or watching our shows online (the Office, Flight of the Chonchords, 30 Rock, and more.)

7. loves to travel. I love to travel. That makes us a very travel happy couple. He is the best traveling partner ever. When we travel we eat, shop, and relax at the best places - known & unknown to the rest of the world. Who needs Samantha Brown? Not me - I have Ryan. He's better looking and way less annoying!

8. is a great soccer player, tennis player, sand volleyball player, basketball player ... need I say more? Fin & Berlin are two lucky ducks to have such an athletic dad. It's fun for us to go and watch him play.

9. is a great provider - both temperally and spiritually. He works hard to provide for us and I appreciate that. He works hard around the house as well to make it safe, clean, and look the way I want it too. He's a wonderful example of a worthy priesthood holder and helps bring the spirit into our home.

10. he's my best friend. I tell him more than I tell anyone else. Which is probably more than he ever wants to know, but I'm grateful that he is there for me to talk to.

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Sugar & Spice said...

happy late bday Ryan!!!
PS- cynthia- so hope you are planning to do a post about your awesome deal on cute shoes for Berlin- need to see pics! :-)