Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year, New Calling

Someone must have tattled to the Bishop that I've been enjoying the last few months of NOT having a calling way too much. Honestly, I was burnt out in our old ward from my long-term calling of RS teacher and the lack of one in our new ward has been great. Does that make me a bad member? Hope not. But the nice respite is now over. Apparently someone felt the need to get me back on the calling bandwagon. This time however it's in the Primary Presidency (2nd Counselor) and I have to say that I'm actually looking forward to it. I haven't been involved in Primary in AGES - literally since teaching the 6 year olds the summer between my Freshman & Sophomore year at BYU. But I am excited for this new opportunity and it will be fun to be in there as Finn goes into Sunbeams (he may not like it as much as I). So here's to a New Year with a New Calling. HOORAY!


Shalyse said...

first of all...congratulations on the new calling! You will be awesome and it will be fun to be in there with Finn!! :-)

regarding that booster seat. We have really liked it so far! She can get in and out by herself (but still kinda has to have us do it). but she likes the little cup holders. She seems to like it, so I think you'd be safe bustin' it out! :-) good luck. let me know what you decide to do!

Shelby said...

Hey girl. I am excited for you to be in Primary. I, too, think it would be great to be where ellie is to keep an eye on her. It's always fun to see them in different situations. Probably more entertaining than R.S.!? About the dress, I got it at Gymboree. I was just there this weekend and they had some on clearance for like 15 bucks. You could always go in to the store and find one and if you need a different size, if you order it there in the store shipping is free to your door. Good luck. XOX and Happy New Year!