Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Point Lights

For FHE tonight we went down to Thanksgiving Point to see the lights. We've never done those lights before and it was fun. Especially since you drive, not walk, thru the light feature. So we were able to stay in our nice and cozy car with Sufjan Stevens Christmas cd's playing.

Afterwards, we got out so the kids could see 2 of Santa's reindeer that stopped over at the Thanksgiving Point Water Tower for a visit on their way to the North Pole. They were super cute and Finley LOVED them. Berlin was a bit more cautious as usual.

Then we walked around the store there. Ok, can I say that the furniture and home decor in there is to DIE for, but way too expensive. Who pays $175 for a picture frame you could find at TJmaxx for $20? Not me! But the kids got to pick out a little treat for the ride home and they were happy. It was a fun night.

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valerie said...

i can't believe how much finley resembles ryan in some of these photos...