Saturday, August 9, 2008

Olympic Park

Ryan's sister is in town from Baltimore and yesterday his family all went up to the Olympic Park in Park City.

Finley was pretty impressed with all the ski jumpers - well, for about 15 minutes or so. Then he just wanted to jump and run and play. But Ryan and I were pretty impressed - especially with some of the younger kids learning the ropes. It was fun to watch them while we waited for everyone to arrive. Maybe when Finley is older we'll consider one of the ski-jump camps they offer for kids.

Then we went to the Quiksilver Alpine Slide and the Zip line area. When we got there all Finley wanted to do was ride the lifts. We could have just ridden those all day and he would have been just fine. Of course, Ry did take him on the alpine slide a couple times. The first time around he was all grins at the bottom. The second time not so much - only tears ... because this time Ryan tipped the sled off the track and it kinda freaked him out a bit. But he was fine within minutes and running around with all the cousins.

Ry and I did the Extreme Zip line which was pretty cool, though it could have been a bit longer for the amount of money it cost. Guess we just need to go to Costa Rica to get some true zip line thrills. After 4 hours at the Olympic park and fightingcranky kids tired of taking pictures, and lack of real food & sleep, we went over to Peter & Lynnes home to watch the Opening Ceremonies (not really watch, just mock the team outfits) and eat Chinese food. It was a really fun afternoon/evening and we were so glad to share it with Ryan's family.

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