Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bye Bye Birdie

On Wednesday a little bird fell out of the plum tree and onto the soft grass. The mother bird was chirping furiously as Ryan tried to rescue the little guy. However, we couldn't find a nest anywhere in the tree so we didn't know what to do with him once rescued. So I made a make-shift nest (more like a bed of grass) in an old lettuce container.

The kids were thrilled with their new little friend. Finley wanted to hold the container and protect him from Berlin. Finn sat so still so as not to scare him, then chatted him up for a bit. Berlin wanted to hold him too, but her giddy excitement was a little harder to contain/control so she just got to look at the bird (she was NOT happy about this - hence the scowl below).

Once the kids were done looking we put the bird on the planter wall in hopes that it's mother would come for it. When Ryan checked on it a few hours later, the bird was gone. Ryan was very excited thinking the momma bird had come and helped it fly away or something. Worry-wart me was sad thinking that 1. it had hopped out of the container, 2. fallen inside the planter only to die overnight, or 3. a neighborhood cat got it, or 4. it was lying in the grass just waiting to be mowed... you know, all the negative stuff I could think of. I should probably work on being more optimistic.

Either way, our little birdie friend is now gone.

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