Friday, September 14, 2007

We Are Family!

This is the latest picture of Ryan's family (minus the recent addition of Jackson Robert Hoesch born 2 days ago). Roll call below (relation to Ryan listed in parenthesis).

Back row: Ryan, Cynthia, Finley, Oliver (brother), Melinda, Brighton, Bill, Shannon (Lynne's daughter), Jane, Alia, Teresa (sister), Brad, Monica (sister) & baby Jackson in her tummy, Marina, Bob.

Middle row: Lisa (Lynne's daughter), Peter (Father), Lynne (Peter's wife) holding Brenton, Grandma (holding Berlin) & Grandpa Daynes (Lynne's parents), Renate.

Front row: Brenner, Arianna, Megan, Heidi, Sophia, Brandon, Thomas, Amanda, Rachel.

Now ... if we could just get my family together in one place at the same time :)


AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

That is such a great picture...and I agree we need a current one of our family. How's Finn doing by the way?

Shelby said...

Cute photo! Everyone is looking . . . that's impressive! Hope to chat soon. I miss you!