Monday, July 30, 2007

Thank Heavens for ...

1. Infant Motrin & Tylenol: Berlin cut her first tooth on Friday and without these 2 items I wouldn't have survived the last couple days. Here she is the day after we noticed the bottom tooth was coming in. I should have known as she's rarely seen without her hand or a toy in her mouth these days.

2. Harry Potter 7: Yes, I've read the book and it's awesome. I read it in 3 nights (15 hrs) once I got the kids down to bed. Now if they'd just get the last 2 movies done. 2a: Diet Coke - without which I could not have stayed up reading until 3 am each night!

3. Manners: Finley has gotten really good at saying "please" and "thank-you" when he wants & gets something. It gives me warm fuzzies when I hear him say it out of the blue and with others. It's just so cute.

4. Lysol Wipes, Swiffer Wet Mop, and Laminate floors: Finley is working on getting potty trained and after trying methods that just didn't work, I've taken to just putting him in big boy underwear and nothing else. He's starting to realize that wet underwear is no fun and is starting to try and get to the potty. Needless to say we have had a few accidents on the kitchen floor.

5. Valerie: without which Ryan and I would not have been able to have TWO dates (yes - 2!) this month. Thanks to her we were able to see the new Harry Potter 5 movie as well as Eagle vs. Shark - both excellent date movies. I love you chica.

6. My Children:
though we have our days, I have loved seeing Finley take a very active role in playing with Berlin. Now that she can sit up he loves to hug and kiss her, show her how to use the toys, and read her books. Again, warm fuzzies engulf me when I see him reading his books to her.

These are just a few of the little things that have made my life easier the last couple weeks.

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AJ, Shauna and Keegan said...

AMEN on the Infant Motrin and Tylenol. It helped make things so much easier for me while Keegan was cutting both of his bottom teeth...and it's going to start saving me again now that his top two seem to be coming in. And I did the same thing with Harry Potter was just too hard trying to get in only 10 minutes at a time.