Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

This Easter was pretty fun with the kids. I really had to amp my clues that they use to find their basket. This year we also decided to get them some new hamsters. Penny and Lawn died last year after a long life of 2 years. However, the kids really wanted to get some new hamsters and I had repeatedly told them no. But it felt like the time was right so Ryan picked them up Saturday afternoon while I assembled their home once again.

The hamsters were hidden in the master bathtub. The clues took them everywhere in the house leading up to the last one that lead to the hamsters. Finley opened the shower curtain and just stared at them for a second. Then Berlin screamed and the reality sunk in. They were so excited. Meet Zelda and Hazel:

Spring break was a bit lackluster and it seemed really short this year. They only had a Friday and a Mon/Tuesday off. So not really a full week. They kicked off break by building a fort. A large one that lasted all week long. They camped out in it every night, played in it, read books in it, watched movies. It was fun.

Here is Berlin with her friends at the neighborhood egg hunt.

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