Friday, April 24, 2015

4th Grade Rendezvous 2015

In 4th Grade, students learn all about Utah. To end a year full of Utah history, recreation, sports, culture, and more the 4th graders get to have a mountain man rendezvous. They kids all dress up as the character from their oral report and they get to play games, shop at the trading post, throw axes, make crafts, and eat dutch oven food. Finley's report was on Osborne Russell who was a trapper and mountain man who wrote about like in the Rocky Mountains. Here are some fun pictures from the day. Glad that I took work off to help out at the trading post and with cleanup. The best part of the day was when Finley ran up to me all excited because he was the only one in his group that threw the ax into the tree and it stuck. A true mountain man if you ask me.

This (above) to this (below) in 60 seconds. We need to work on arm strength.

He fell so hard his pants started coming off.

Finn was loving this guy below. He has a powder horn just like the one the mountain man had and was excited to show him.

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