Monday, June 23, 2014

Training Wheels are in the TRASH!

This month was a big month in our household. Berlin learned how to ride a bike WITHOUT training wheels. For this tiny little 7-year old, this feat is pretty exciting. She is so proud of her accomplishment, and rightly so since her 9-year old brother only learned because he couldn't stomach the thought of Berlin beating him (which she did by a few days). But YAY! for having two kids riding their bike without training wheels.

The funny thing is that we tried a few years ago, when Finn was 7 - he FREAKED out. We decided to wait. We tried again last year over at the church parking lot. He DOUBLE FREAKED out. We pretty much gave up on him and this year decided to focus on Berlin and getting her riding thinking it would motivate him. BINGO. It worked. Love the competitive spirit that exists between these two siblings.  Now, if I could just get Finn to stop rubbing it into Berlin's face that he is faster than her on a bike. It never ends :)

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