Sunday, June 22, 2014

Cub Camp 2014

Being the Wolf Den Mom, I had the opportunity to go to Cub Camp with the Wolves and Bears this Summer. I only went for the first day due to a conflict of plans on the second day, but it was so much fun to see these boys out in nature having fun. There was lots of dirt, wrestling, shooting bb guns, dirt, hiking, crafts, obstacle courses, oh, did I mention the dirt? SO. MUCH. DIRT. Even Finley was begging to shower when we got home. 



He moved up to Bears last April and he has such a fun group of friends. He was super excited when he heard he could work at the cub camp as a staff member at 13, but even more so when he found out they got PAID! Ha! That would be awesome if he worked up there with a couple of his buddies in 4 years.

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