Saturday, January 18, 2014

Jan / Feb 2014 Catch-all: Jr. Jazz and Cub Scouts

Jr. Jazz is over. And I am so glad that I get my Tuesday nights back. I'd like to say that I also get my Saturday mornings back, but I was kinda selfish and slept in through half of them. Let's be honest, 8:30 am games just don't sit well with me.

But Finley had a great time. We have such a fun group of boys that are friends and they have played together the last few seasons. They have a great coach who is so good to the boys too, which makes a world of difference. Finley never complained once about going to practice or the games. Now we get to gear up for soccer again!

Cub Scout - Super Saturday happened this weekend. Thank heavens I wasn't in charge of anything. It was put on by the Stake so all I had to do was show up. The boys had a good time passing off achievements and electives in their books.



Finley's favorite: The Aquaman relay race.  

I won't lie. It was exhausting. But it was fun to watch these kids get out of the house and have fun, get active, and be silly.

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