Friday, January 31, 2014

Frozen and Ice Castles in Midway

We took the kids to see Frozen back in December. So when the Ice Castles came to Midway we knew we had to take the kids. We bundled up and went a few weeks ago. It was pretty cool to the see Ice Castle. We went early enough to see it in the light of day, then got dinner at a great mexican place nearby, then went back to see it lit up at night. Honestly, we preferred the sculpture during the day. The definition was pretty amazing. Finley love the ice-tunnel slide. Berlin, not so much.




This was really a fun adventure for our family. So glad we got to experience it before it melted. Afterwards, we had dinner in Midway at Tarahumara.
Finley would probably say that their salsa bar was the highlight of the evening.

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