Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year, Ryan and the kids got me a weekend in Park City. I love to hike and it was meant to be a fun weekend with LOTS of hiking. Unfortunately, mother nature didn't cooperate with us. Despite the clouds and lots of rain, we had a great time shopping the outlets, eating out, watching movies, and going for nature walks. We love Park City.

We started the weekend off with dinner at Cafe Rio. My new fave: their salmon fish tacos! 

In between the rain, clouds, and sunshine, we were able to take a nice walk down to the white barn. I love that Park City has paved trails everywhere. 


These large rodent like creatures were everywhere at the barn. They watched us intently but we couldn't get them to come out. Probably for the better.

Puddle Painting. Can you guess what they are making?

An Angler Fish!

Berlin tumbling her way along the grass at the white barn. She would do this all day if I let her.

It was a great weekend with my little fam!

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