Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Partying with a bunch of 6-year olds

This year Berlin really wanted a Lalaloopsy Sewing party. My first reaction was nope, no way. Not going to deal with a bunch of 6-year olds and a sewing machine. But then, the more I thought about it, I knew we could make it work with something simple, that didn't involve the sewing machine. 

Berlin wanted to make necklaces. But after looking at bead prices I convinced her to go with bracelets instead. These were a fast craft for them to do while we waited for everyone to arrive.


We decided that the girls would also sew a pet mouse, just like the one that Crumbs Sugar Cookie has. Except ours was gray because that is what I had around the house. A few days before I cut them out of felt, stitched the nose and whiskers on, attached the eyes, and punched the holes all around. All they had to do was sew and stuff the day of the party. These turned out "sew" cute and the girls did a great job. Turned out to be the perfect craft for the girls.

Then it was time for food and presents. Berlin requested donut holes from Banbury Donuts, chocolate milk, cotton candy cups, and apple slices with greek yogurt fruit dip. YUM! 

Berlin had a great time with all her friends and she was so excited upon seeing the girls wear their bracelets to church the next day. Some even had their pet mouse with them. Yay for being 6!

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