Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Wonderland - Jan 2013

It started snowing last night, and it is still snowing 24 hours later. There was so much snow this morning that it took Ryan 2 hours to shovel 1/2 of our driveway just so he could get out and get to work. Needless to say that since the district didn't cancel school, I chose to keep our kids at home since one, it was short day and two, they have both been dealing with hacking coughs. They spent most the day like this watching movies, drinking hot chocolate, eating toasted cheese sandwiches, reading books, and battling lego Ninjagos.

Finley wouldn't come outside, but I was able to convince Berlin to come out and play in the snow while I shoveled. She lasted about 20 minutes. The snow is up to her chest and she had a hard time moving around in it, so she decided that a warm house was the better option.


Here is Ryan's token picture shoveling the snow. What a hottie.

This was all the snow we had as of 7:30 in the morning on our upper back deck. It was just under 2 feet. By the time I got to shoveling in the evening, it was just over 2 feet. 


This ones for Ryan who says I never post bad pics of myself on the blog. Now I can honestly say, "yes I do." This is what I looked like after 2 hours of shoveling this morning. My face from frozen, but I was burning up so I knew it was time to take a break. The one to the right is what I looked like after the second 3 hour shift about 5:45 pm. I am delirious at this point and almost one the verge of tears as I watch the snow continue building up. Oh, and yes, my hair was stiff and frozen solid. Totally overwhelmed. I am so done with the snow. I am beat and am praying I will be able to walk stand up get out of bed tomorrow morning. Seriously, my body feels like I ran a full marathon. But yay for all the calories burned! Who needs the gym with snow days like today.

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